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Women Still Second

Mark Kim July 2, 2013

When we look at the report filed by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the National Statistical Office, titled “2013 a Statistical Look at Women’s Lives,”we can see an unfortunate truth that women are still discriminated against in the work place. This is a story that statistics show oh so clearly. Looking at… Continue Reading »


Strict Dress Code of Female Employees

Eunjung Cha November 19, 2012

No glasses, wearing skirts only, regulating hairstyles, earring size and skirt length-these are dress codes of female flight attendants implemented by Asiana airline, which is South Korea’s domestic and international airline. Recently, this topic was posed as a controversial issue which is up for debate. That is, Asiana Airlines branch of Korean Transport Workers’ Union… Continue Reading »


New Campaign:’Human Rights for Female Emotional Laborers’

Eugene Shin July 13, 2012

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea has recently published a manual for women in professions requiring heavy emotional labor. Emotional labor is the management of facial and bodily expression for public display, and is particularly required in professions such as waitresses, call center attendants, and shop assistants. Women in such professions have reported having… Continue Reading »


Birth Control Under Debate

Sodam Kim March 30, 2012

The Korean government is considering making emergency contraceptive pills available over the counter. Contrary to normal birth control pills, which are available over-the-counter [hereafter “OTC”], emergency contraceptive pills are not. However, the denouncement from pulpits and concern about misuse are nothing to overlook. Even normal birth control pills are under hot debate. A public hearing… Continue Reading »


Women under discrimination based on appearance at work place

Inhoe Jeong March 16, 2012

 The report National Human Rights Commission presented on March 7th, facing the International Women’s day on 8th, included many petition and counseling records revealing cases of women being discriminated at work places based on appearances, when certain standards of appearance were irrelevant to performing the job. For example, a janitor was informed by the company… Continue Reading »


Will Ewha Womans University’s 125-year-old policy of making classrooms off limits to men be repealed?

Soo Yon Suh April 8, 2011

Moon Hee Kim “The female-only admission is in violation of constitutional rights.” “Ewha’s unique ideology and educational objectives needs to be respect for the autonomy of private schools.” On February 10th, the Constitutional Court held a public hearing on whether or not the female-only admission policy at Ewha Womans University Law School had infringed upon… Continue Reading »


Korea’s Top Women’s Law School Battles Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit

Sangmin Lee April 8, 2011

The Constitutional Court held a public hearing on 10 February 2011, discussing whether the women only admissions policy is in violation of the right of male students to equality and other constitutional rights. Three male students, who have been preparing for law school, filed a petition against Ewha Women’s University law school in 2009. At… Continue Reading »

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