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North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim’s Family Safely Returned to South Korea

Somin Kim August 23, 2013

North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim, his wife, and his one-year-old daughter who were detained in China safely returned to South Korea. Mr. Kim defected from North Korea in 2009 with his wife, but went back with his family after attaining South Korean citizenship. The family appeared on Chosun Joongang TV (a North Korean broadcasting network)… Continue Reading »


Laos Gov’t Repatriates Young North Korean Defectors

Hong Ju You June 25, 2013

  The Laotian government is under massive international criticism for siding with the North Korean government to repatriate nine teenage defectors to North Korea. The South Korean government also faced huge criticisms for failing to prevent this unfortunate event from happening. The Laotian and South Korean governments are blaming each other for accountability. The North… Continue Reading »


Strict Dress Code of Female Employees

Eunjung Cha November 19, 2012

No glasses, wearing skirts only, regulating hairstyles, earring size and skirt length-these are dress codes of female flight attendants implemented by Asiana airline, which is South Korea’s domestic and international airline. Recently, this topic was posed as a controversial issue which is up for debate. That is, Asiana Airlines branch of Korean Transport Workers’ Union… Continue Reading »


Comfort Women Issue Should Be Resolved by the UN

Sang Kyul Park August 4, 2012

On 24th July, the five year anniversary of the adoption of a resolution about comfort women by the Japanese Army in the Visitor Center of the House of Commons was celebrated. Bill Pascrell, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, claimed that comfort women is not a problem only between Korea and Japan and must… Continue Reading »


CIVICUS-PSPD UN Universal Periodical Review Submission for South Korea

Soo Yon Suh April 26, 2012

Republic of Korea Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review 14th Session of the UPR Working Group Submitted 23 April 2012 Joint Submission by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD). NGOs in General Consultative Status and Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC 1. CIVICUS: Alliance for Citizen Participation Web:… Continue Reading »


Uniformity on the bench: Supreme Court continues to be dominated by elite males

Sangmin Lee March 4, 2011

Chief Justice Lee Yong-hoon has recommended to President Lee Myung-bak candidates for the new Supreme Court; however there is criticism that the recommendations lack diversity because all four are men whom graduated from Seoul National University (SNU) School of Law which is the nation’s top university. “Diversity on the bench” is the golden rule in… Continue Reading »

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