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Fingerprint Collection for Monitoring Student Attendance

Elizabeth Na June 27, 2014

The following article is based on: Kim JiWon; June 11 2014; ““출결관리 쉽도록” 고교생 지문 수집 논란“; Kyunghyang Shinmun. A high school in Seoul has introduced a fingerprint reading system to more easily manage the attendance of students. The agreement form for this new system was only gave students’ families 12 days to complete the form and return it, and it did not… Continue Reading »


Birth and Marriage Registration Forms Invade Personal Privacy

Sooyoung Oh January 15, 2014

Birth and Marriage Registration Forms Invade Personal Privacy Recently there have been complaints about the overly specific registration forms for birth and marriage as they violate personal privacy. When registering one’s new born into the national census, not only are basic details required but also unnecessary information that is rather invasive to personal life and… Continue Reading »


Seoul Metro Has Eyes on Passengers

Hong Ju You May 5, 2013

  The Seoul Subway Labor Union (SSLU) and Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Workers Union (SMRTWU) asserted that Seoul Metro is violating passengers’ human rights by installing surveillance cameras inside subway carriages. Labor unions at a press conference on April 2nd stated “Surveillance cameras violates privacy and can be used as a tool for public inspection.”… Continue Reading »


“Big data”Used for Invasion of Privacy

Eunjung Cha February 21, 2013

The era of “big data” has arrived. Big data refers to the huge amounts of data which are thrown away because the computer cannot analyze them in its current capacity. A major example is a the large amounts of messages from the use of SNS (Social Network Service) such as “Twitter” and “Facebook”. Since a… Continue Reading »


NHRCK recommendation released: Prepare a prevention plan on illegal surveillance of citizens

Eunju Jeong February 15, 2013

On the 7th of February, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea(NHRCK) made a recommendation to the South Korean president, the Chairmen of the National Assembly and the prime minister to legislate a prevention plan on illegal surveillance of citizens. Since the establishment of NHRCK in 2001, this is the first recommendation ever made to… Continue Reading »


School Violence Prevention Survey Violates Human Rights

JiEun Lee July 6, 2012

School violence prevention survey introduced by Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education has been critizised as a “portrayal of violence”. Many have expressed dissatisfaction over the content of the survey, citing that it has no relevance to the intended topic of school violence prevention. Most notably, the content of the survey included personal and sensitive matters such as asking… Continue Reading »


Installing CCTV in classroom infringes students’ basic rights

Inhoe Jeong March 19, 2012

There has been NHRCK(National Human Rights Commission of Korea) judgment that installing CCTVs in classrooms can infringe student’s basic human rights, even when its purpose is to prevent school violence. Education office of Seoul asked NHRCK whether installing CCTV in classroom can be a problem regarding human rights and on 14th NHRCK answered “irrelevant to… Continue Reading »


Weekly News Brief, Aug 7 ~ Aug 13 South Korean Human Rights

Dustin Cole August 10, 2011

In-Class Cellphone Use is Guaranteed by Human Right? Jin Jeon ( Yang-ok Ahn, current president of the Korea Federation of Teacher’s Association (KFTA), recently questioned whether limiting cellphone usage during school time is a violation of human rights. According to statistics, there are approximately 48 million registered cellphone users, 7,569,000 of which under the age of… Continue Reading »

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