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Female Military Officer Commits Suicide after Repeated Sexual Harassment

Hong Ju You December 19, 2013

  A 28-year-old female captain, Captain A, burned coal briquettes inside her car and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her car was parked close to the military base where she worked. She left a note complaining about frequent sexual harassments from her senior, Major B. She was soon to get married with her fiancée. Captain… Continue Reading »


Suicide of Gay Soldier Brings to Surface Military’s Indifference to Sexual Minorities

Soo Yon Suh January 18, 2013

On the 16th, it was reported that a gay soldier in the Korean military committed suicide. It was revealed that Soldier Lee (alias) was struggling with his sexual identity and reached out multiple times to the Ministry of Defense and to his superiors but no appropriate assistance was provided. Males in South Korea must complete a 21~24… Continue Reading »


Harsh Treatment in Korean Marine Corps Decreased by 48%

Min Hyeong Ki July 6, 2012

    The Korean Marine Corps announced that the number of cruel acts in the military has decreased to 48% since last year’s unfortunate incident of corporal Kim. Corporal Kim was sentenced to death last July for shooting and killing 4 soldiers including his superior. This terrible incident happened because of harsh treatment and bullying… Continue Reading »


Weekly News Brief, Sept 4 ~ Sept 10 South Korean Human Rights

Dustin Cole September 14, 2011

The City Assembly of Incheon Tries to Enact “The Charter on Teachers’ Rights” Sept. 7, 2011 Sodam Kim Since the adoption of the Seoul Charter of Student Rights, anxiety toward the harm of the rights of the teachers has been increasing. Many people were concerned because they thought that students would ignore teachers who lost… Continue Reading »

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