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UN Special Rapporteur on the Status of Human Rights Defenders Visit Report

Soo Yon Suh June 18, 2013

Special Rapporteur, Ms. Margaret Sekaggya, has completed her investigation on the status of human rights defenders here in South Korea and expressed concerns and recommended improvement. To implement the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders established in 1998 the Commission on Human Rights established in 2000 the mandate on the situation of human rights defenders. Since… Continue Reading »


Migrant Workers’ Plight in Working in Korea

Eunjung Cha December 12, 2012

Labor relations committee of Lawyers for a Democratic Society (or known in Korea as Minbyun), Labor Consultant Meeting for the Realization of Labor Rights, and Migrant Workers’ Union submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK). According to these three human rights labor organizations, a policy on the  migrant workers has… Continue Reading »


NHRCK Concerned Over Lack of Senior Caregivers’ Labor Conditions

May Cho July 2, 2012

The National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea (NHRCK) announced yesterday that there is a need for policy improvements at the Ministry of Health and Welfare regarding the labor conditions of senior caregivers’. Senior caregivers have been implemented since the Long Term Care Insurance Program was implemented in July 2008. Caregivers assist in… Continue Reading »

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