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Birth and Marriage Registration Forms Invade Personal Privacy

Sooyoung Oh January 15, 2014

Birth and Marriage Registration Forms Invade Personal Privacy Recently there have been complaints about the overly specific registration forms for birth and marriage as they violate personal privacy. When registering one’s new born into the national census, not only are basic details required but also unnecessary information that is rather invasive to personal life and… Continue Reading »


Equal Opportunity Employer: Corporations Prohibited from Discriminating based on Academic Backgrounds

Sooyoung Oh January 13, 2014

Beginning from the first season of the biannual recruitment next year, corporations in Korea will be prohibited from discriminating potential employees based on their academic backgrounds. The Environment & Labor Committee of the National Assembly of Korea submitted the revised Framework Act on Employment Policy passed on the 17th of this month. Kim Sungtae, a… Continue Reading »


‘Legal Prison Break’? Everyone not equal under law.

Somin Kim July 16, 2013

    Suspicions on law enforcement is growing after several cases of abuse of the suspension of punishment has surfaced. According to the Korean constitution, prison sentence can be suspended or stopped if there is a reasonable and significant reason such as severe health problem or parents’ death. The clauses were enacted to protect the… Continue Reading »


Woman Taking Her Son to Vietnam is not Kidnapping under Criminal Law

Ji Hyun Park July 2, 2013

On June 20, the Supreme Court has decided that a Vietnamese mother, age 26, who took her son to Vietnam without her husband’s consent cannot be accused of parental kidnapping. Ministry of Justice explained that “the law provides kidnapping as taking away of a person against that person’s will, to hold the person in false confinement without… Continue Reading »


Migrant Workers’ Plight in Working in Korea

Eunjung Cha December 12, 2012

Labor relations committee of Lawyers for a Democratic Society (or known in Korea as Minbyun), Labor Consultant Meeting for the Realization of Labor Rights, and Migrant Workers’ Union submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK). According to these three human rights labor organizations, a policy on the  migrant workers has… Continue Reading »

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