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Ministry of Education Makes Admission Changes

Aileen Seo January 21, 2014

The Korean Ministry of Education announced that all foreign language, international, and independent high schools will implement policies prohibiting students from disclosing Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores or honors earned from  competitions in personal statements. These policies will take effect in 2015. The Ministry has instructed schools to assign a score… Continue Reading »


“We want to go to a school nearby!” Students with disabilities plea

Yoonyoung Choi August 30, 2013

The Ministry of Education announced its 5-year plan for special education which will take place starting this year until 2017. Its main focus is on expanding the number of textbooks according to different types of disabilities, providing education on disabilities twice a year and improving employment rate of people with disabilities to 40%. Problem is… Continue Reading »


An Orphanage Voluntarily Shuts Down due to Child Abuse Scandal

Yoo-Rim Lee July 5, 2013

An investigation report from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea revealed that one of the infant orphanages in Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do had been abusing children and it will voluntarily shut down, said the officer from the orphanage on 3rd. The child welfare institution that runs the orphanage also filed for an official notice of the… Continue Reading »


Coercive Private Academies

Mark Kim May 14, 2013

In recent years private academic institutions have gotten out of hand in the way they advertise their services. Commercials and billboards with sayings like,”5th grade is too, start in 4th,” and this buses last stop is SKY(Seoul, Korea and Yonsei Universities) are common. Saying such as these only burden both child and parent into thinking… Continue Reading »


2 Kids Raped by Mother’s Boyfriend for 3 Years

Yesol Chun February 21, 2013

A man in his 30’s, who was revealed to be a civil servant, was found that he has shown his girlfriend’s two young daughters, ages seven and eight, pornography videos and raped them many times. The two kids lived with him since 2007. Their mother thought that he was a diligent civil servant and looked like he loved her kids, so she decided to live with him. However, two years later since the women… Continue Reading »


Two Main Presidential Nominees’ Election Pledges About Human Rights

Sang Kyul Park December 12, 2012

Park Geun-hye Moon Jae-in 1 Economic democratization to enhance the fairness Fulfillment of ‘human economy’ by job revolution 2 Construction of Korean welfare system Economic democratization of win-win cooperation 3 Supply of the growth engine and job creation through creation of economy Construction of welfare state and a society of gender equality 4 Establishment of… Continue Reading »

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