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April Comfort Women Korea-Japan Negotiations, Possibly Last Hope of Resolving Comfort Women Issue

Elizabeth Na April 21, 2014

On April 16th, in order to discuss the controversial issue of the Korean women made “Comfort Women “during the Japanese Occupation, a meeting between the directors of the Korean and Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs was held. The Korean terms of negotiations were that the Japanese government should acknowledge their crimes, and make official apologies… Continue Reading »


South Korea Considers Dropping Term “Comfort Women” in Official Documents

Haena Lee July 19, 2012

Comfort Women Memorial in front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul In a parliamentary session last Friday, Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan stated his ministry was “willing to consider” dropping the term “comfort women” and changing it to “sex slaves” in official English-language documents.  The issue of “comfort women”, a particularly sensitive subject in Korean-Japanese history, was… Continue Reading »


Negative Responses to New Policies for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Eugene Shin July 19, 2012

On July 6th, the government announced plans to develop support policies for people with developmental disabilities. In Korea, developmental disabilities refer to lifelong mental disabilities that develop in childhood and which inhibit intellectual and communicative skills. Examples include autism and down’s syndrome. The new policies focus on support for persons with developmental disabilities after they… Continue Reading »


The House of Memory, Commemoration, and Healing

Min Hyeong Ki July 2, 2012

A museum, ‘The House of Memory, Commemoration, and Healing: REVISION’ in Sungsandong, Seoul opened for everyone on May 5th. The museum is constructed for Korean Comfort Women who were enslaved for sexual purposes by Japanese soldiers during World War II. The museum was originally planned to be built at Independence Park in the Seodaemoon,district in… Continue Reading »

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