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Hyung Je Bok-ji-won (Brother Welfare Facility): South Korea’s Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Dahee Kim August 20, 2015

Hyung Je Bok-ji-won (lit. “Brother Welfare facility”) was a welfare facility that operated in Busan, South Korea from 1975 to 1986. The facility accommodated about 4,000 persons and it is regarded as the largest sheltered accommodation for homeless people in the country. It is called the Korean version of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, because a large… Continue Reading »


New Korean Wave? The Spread of Korean-made Arms

Dahee Kim April 1, 2015

“New Korean Wave: Korean-made Arms” – this is the title of news reports from South Korean newspapers and mass media boasting about the rapid growth of exports from Korea’s arms industry. According to the news, weapons manufactured in Korea are receiving much attention from Southeast Asian countries,  particularly in Indonesia, an emerging economic power in… Continue Reading »


The Buried History: The Mass Killing of Civilians during the Korean War

Dahee Kim March 18, 2015

Not only every Korean but also many outside the country have heard of the Korean War, the bloody battle between South Korea and North Korea, as it is one of national tragedies for Koreans. Korean society has by and large finished dealing with aftermath the Korean War with, however, one of the worst atrocities of the Korean War, the… Continue Reading »


Extra Pay for Every Slap: Parents Seek Abusive Education Centers

Sooyoung Oh May 5, 2013

Would you use hired help to beat your child for better grades?It was reported on April 3rd that parents are increasingly seeking out private academic institutions or tuitions that will inflict physical punishment on their children. A parent in a district in Seoul admitted to sending her child to an abusive private after-school academy, miles… Continue Reading »


Repatriation of North Korean Defectors in China, S. Korean Movement

Soo Yon Suh February 20, 2012

  Hundreds gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea in protest of the repatriation threat of 30 some North Korea defectors being detained in China. Many North Korean defectors en route through China to most times countries in Southeast Asia before defecting to South Korea. These recent mass captures of defectors… Continue Reading »


Former UN Special Rapporteur to meet South Korean Minister regarding Comfort Women Issue

Soo Yon Suh February 20, 2012

In amidst the recent South Korean Constitutional Court ruling that the failure to act by the South Korean government regarding comfort women, over 200,000 Asian women, majority Korean, who were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II,  was deemed unconstitutional the South Korean ministry released that the Foreign Minister, Kim Sung-hwan,… Continue Reading »


Suicide of a North Korean pseudo-Defector: Suspicious Glances Poured on the National Intelligent Service

Sodam Kim January 2, 2012

A North Korean defector committed suicide during the interrogation process conducted by the Korean national intelligence service. The national intelligence service announced that the deceased, whose family were took as hostages, is a pseudo-defector blackmailed by the North Korean government. According to a reliable source, he was instructed to kill himself if his status as… Continue Reading »


The revival of tyranny?

Hyoyeol Chong June 30, 2010

On June 23, four police officers at Yangcheon Police Station in Seoul were arrested on charge of torturing criminal suspects such as thieves and drug dealers. 32 criminal suspects were interrogated and 22 of them were tortured or subject to physical abuse during interrogation between August 2009 and March of this year. The National Human… Continue Reading »

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