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No place for LGBTIQ foundation in Korea

Dahee Kim February 18, 2015

On 9th Feb 2015, “Beyond the Rainbow Foundation”, a LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning) foundation applying for incorporation in Korea, announced it was denied its incorporation by government. Other advocacy and solidarity groups for LGBT individuals exist, such as Donginryun, but this is the first such organization to seek incorporation. As only incorporated… Continue Reading »


Thank God for LGBT Rights

Se-Woong Koo December 22, 2014

Homosexuality equals AIDS. Incest. National doom. With such rousing words, on 20 November, South Korea’s Evangelical Christian lobby effectively scuttled Seoul’s human rights charter that had been in the making for months, chanting “Amen!” to obstruct discussion at a town hall meeting attended by Mayor Park Won-soon. But this will be a short-lived victory for Evangelicals…. Continue Reading »


Another LGBT Festival Faces Opposition In Daegu

Elizabeth Na July 7, 2014

The following article is based on: Lee HoJoon; Jun 25 2014; “뜨거운 감자된 性 소수자 축제“; Maeil Shinmun; and was edited to reflect information from after the event. The Daegu LGBTQ Rights Festival was scheduled to be held on the 28th of June at 2’28 Main Memorial Park, but an alliance of Protestant organizations attempted to prevent the festival from… Continue Reading »


Queer Parade blocked for hours by Christian Protesters

Elizabeth Na June 19, 2014

Co-written with Ekaterina Mozhaeva The 15th annual Korea Queer Festival pride parade took place in Shinchon on Jun 8th after a 4 hour standoff between parade participants and supporters on one side and conservative christian groups on the other. Festival organizers had run into difficulties when the district office of Seodaemun-gu revoked official approval for… Continue Reading »


After Banning LGBTQ Banner, Youngdeungpo Reverses their Decision

Elizabeth Na June 12, 2014

The following article is based on: Lee GyeDuk; 2014/06/02; “영등포구, 동성애 차별금지 현수막 다시 게시하기로“; Shinmoongo Editor’s note: In Korea, cities have designated locations where citizens can post large banners, such as the one in the photo below. These banners can provide information, advertise a business or promote a cause. Individuals must first receive permission from the… Continue Reading »


Queer Parade Approval Revoked, Continues Regardless

Hye Ryoung Rhee June 5, 2014

Under the slogan “Love Conquers Hate,” the 15th annual Korea Queer Festival has officially launched on June 3 and will continue until June 15. As part of this festival, various events, including the Queer Parade, After Parties, Korea Queer Film Festival, and exhibitions are scheduled to take place over the next two weeks throughout different… Continue Reading »


Army Involved in Series of Scandals

Aileen Seo March 4, 2014

The Army is conducting a review of the Armed Forces following allegations that force commanders had been involved in sexual misconduct. The faction within the army administering and implementing conduct regulations has been reported to be involved in several alarming scandals. An army division commander was taken under custody following accusations that he had assaulted… Continue Reading »


New Program Addresses Sexual Assault

Aileen Seo March 1, 2014

The Korea National Police Agency issued a report indicating the extent to which sexual assault has been plaguing the nation. According to the reports, on average, there are about 63 new cases of sexual assault in the nation per day, roughly 2.6 victims an hour. Critics are quick to point out that society’s two-faced approach… Continue Reading »


Important Legal Precedents Regarding Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Daniel Corks January 9, 2014

December is a month with many company dinners and other after-work outings, events where there are often instances of sexual harassment of various forms. As a review of the current legal environment regarding prosecution of sexual harassment, local online news outlet The Women’s News recently looked at a few important cases from recent years that… Continue Reading »

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