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Arrests without a Warrant Valid only under Emergency Situations

Sean Madsen November 20, 2015

On the 27th the National Human Rights Commission of Korea announced that their ruling that arresting someone without a warrant under a non-emergency condition is a violation of one’s personal liberty guaranteed by the constitution and recommended that the involved police officers receive a warning and job training on protocol for arrests without a warrant. According to the… Continue Reading »


Hospital Guilty of Holding Patients Hostage, Even after a Warning from the Human Rights Commission

Elizabeth Na June 10, 2014

The following article is based on: Bae DongMin; Jun 02 2014; “인권위 권고받고 또다시 ‘강제입원’ 논란“; NEWis. Hyosil Angel’s Love Hospital, located in Jangseong Country in Jeolla Province, was charged for repeatedly holding patients by force, even after receiving a warning from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. This continual violation was brought into light by the… Continue Reading »


The Seoul Metro’s Removal of Expertise to Conduct Saftey Policies After Accident

Elizabeth Na May 27, 2014

The following article is based on: Kim ChangRyul; May 08 2014; “사무직에 기술 총괄 맡기고 전기 전문가는 영업팀 보내“; Chosun Times Seoul Metro, the administration body that runs the Metro Line 2 are starting to repair and create reforms after the Subway crash in SangWangshimni Station. But it looks as if the institutional problems impact reach the policies for reform as… Continue Reading »


Disaster Media Coverage and Greater Individual Publicity Rights

Elizabeth Na May 16, 2014

The press’s response to the Sewol Sinking was to release innumerable amounts of media content of the people involved. In the breaking news coverage of the rescue, close-ups of the victims’ family members were focused on most of all. It was only many days after the accident that family members’ faces were blurred out by on-site reporters, and it… Continue Reading »


Under the Sewol Sinking: The Dispute of Benefits for Part-Timers, Even In Death

Elizabeth Na May 8, 2014

In the city of Incheon the funerals of two teenage victims of the Sewol Sinking were left unsupported, and currently the financial coverage of their funerals is unfortunately under dispute. These two teenagers were part-time employees and were only 18 and 17, were working for Chunghaejin Delivery company at the time of the disaster. Chunghaejin has disclosed that it is… Continue Reading »


Police Prohibitions to Memorial of Sewol Sinking Challenged

Elizabeth Na May 1, 2014

With the terrible sinking of the ferry recently, there has been a memorial event held for the deceased and still missing people, called the “Silent March”, that has been attracting disapproval by the local police. The commemoration was started on the 20th in the large DongHwa Shopping Store in Jongro by the Seoul Progressive Alliance, and other civic… Continue Reading »

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