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New Korean Wave? The Spread of Korean-made Arms

Dahee Kim April 1, 2015

“New Korean Wave: Korean-made Arms” – this is the title of news reports from South Korean newspapers and mass media boasting about the rapid growth of exports from Korea’s arms industry. According to the news, weapons manufactured in Korea are receiving much attention from Southeast Asian countries,  particularly in Indonesia, an emerging economic power in… Continue Reading »


[CSO] Inside Look: GREENPEACE: Anti-nuclear Expansion Project

Somin Kim August 26, 2013

One of the biggest campaigns the Greenpeace Korea works on is the anti-nuclear campaign. Korea has the highest nuclear density in the world with 23 nuclear power plants in the country. Five plants are under construction and six more plants are planned for construction in the near future. Since the Korean government advertises the economic… Continue Reading »


North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim’s Family Safely Returned to South Korea

Somin Kim August 23, 2013

North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim, his wife, and his one-year-old daughter who were detained in China safely returned to South Korea. Mr. Kim defected from North Korea in 2009 with his wife, but went back with his family after attaining South Korean citizenship. The family appeared on Chosun Joongang TV (a North Korean broadcasting network)… Continue Reading »


Inhumane Education for Better Behavior? A Lesson From Five Innocent Deaths

Somin Kim July 23, 2013

Five students who went missing during a military camp called the Marine Corp Camp were found dead in the western ocean of South Korea on July 19th. On July 18th, students from the affiliated high school to the Kongju National University took off their life vests and were resting on the beach after excessive physical… Continue Reading »

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