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Barriers to Integration for Refugees in South Korea

Priscilla McCelvey August 3, 2016

South Korea’s active involvement in supporting refugees both domestically and internationally is consistent with its dedication to various international development causes worldwide. Since 2004, the government has contributed at least one million dollars towards UNHCR annually; in 2015, it donated almost $13 million. Much of these funds are earmarked towards specific humanitarian projects, such as… Continue Reading »


Unregistered children in Korea: Nowhere left to go

Julie Min April 5, 2014

The smiling boy in the picture, A, is one of the unregistered children in Korea. In other words, he is stateless. A was born in Korea in 2009 May to a Vietnamese mother and a Korean father. When DNA testing showed that there was no blood relationship between A and his father, the couple divorced…. Continue Reading »


North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim’s Family Safely Returned to South Korea

Somin Kim August 23, 2013

North Korean Defector Kwangho Kim, his wife, and his one-year-old daughter who were detained in China safely returned to South Korea. Mr. Kim defected from North Korea in 2009 with his wife, but went back with his family after attaining South Korean citizenship. The family appeared on Chosun Joongang TV (a North Korean broadcasting network)… Continue Reading »


Laos Gov’t Repatriates Young North Korean Defectors

Hong Ju You June 25, 2013

  The Laotian government is under massive international criticism for siding with the North Korean government to repatriate nine teenage defectors to North Korea. The South Korean government also faced huge criticisms for failing to prevent this unfortunate event from happening. The Laotian and South Korean governments are blaming each other for accountability. The North… Continue Reading »


Repatriation of North Korean Defectors in China, S. Korean Movement

Soo Yon Suh February 20, 2012

  Hundreds gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea in protest of the repatriation threat of 30 some North Korea defectors being detained in China. Many North Korean defectors en route through China to most times countries in Southeast Asia before defecting to South Korea. These recent mass captures of defectors… Continue Reading »

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