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Barriers to Integration for Refugees in South Korea

Priscilla McCelvey August 3, 2016

South Korea’s active involvement in supporting refugees both domestically and internationally is consistent with its dedication to various international development causes worldwide. Since 2004, the government has contributed at least one million dollars towards UNHCR annually; in 2015, it donated almost $13 million. Much of these funds are earmarked towards specific humanitarian projects, such as… Continue Reading »


North Korea Illicit Drug Problems Continue to Escalate

Dahee Kim June 17, 2015

A drug addiction problem within North Korea has reached a serious level, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on May 29, 2015, citing information provided by North Korean defectors. According to the information, various kinds of drugs, from opium to methamphetamines, have been widespread across almost all social strata, including even teenagers. Beginning in Kim Jong-il’s reign,… Continue Reading »


U.N. Committee of Inquiry’s report on North Korea establishes justifies grounds for foreign intervention

Kelly Jung March 3, 2014

On February 17, U.N.’s Committee of Inquiry published its first official report on the reality and response to human rights abuse in North Korea. This report clearly stated that the three continuous dictatorship regime is responsible for the human rights violations. This decision is significant because it gives a justified reason for a possible international… Continue Reading »

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