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Wire-tapping: Invasion of Privacy or Means of National Security?

Sean Madsen December 7, 2015

In a situation similar to the Edward Snowden case, the Korean public recently discovered that their government was monitoring people’s computers and cell phones with a wiretapping and online hacking system. News of the technology was revealed this July when an Italian company, Hacking Team, was hacked themselves revealing 400GB of hacking content and a list… Continue Reading »


ICC deferred its re-accreditation of ‘A’ status on the NHRCK again

Dahee Kim April 9, 2015

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) received the notice of postponement regarding its re-accreditation of ‘A’ status again from the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions (ICC, not to be confused with the International Criminal Court). This was the third consecutive deferral by the ICC after first deferring its rating decision for the… Continue Reading »


Xenophobic Remarks in TV Broadcasts; NHRCK Issues Recommendations

Julie Min July 14, 2014

The National Human Rights Committee of Korea has issued recommendations to broadcasters regarding the use of expressions that are discriminatory toward foreigners, including migrants, and to come up with measures to prevent their use. This recommendation is based on the result of television broadcast monitoring conducted by the NHRCK from May to September of last… Continue Reading »


Hospital Guilty of Holding Patients Hostage, Even after a Warning from the Human Rights Commission

Elizabeth Na June 10, 2014

The following article is based on: Bae DongMin; Jun 02 2014; “인권위 권고받고 또다시 ‘강제입원’ 논란“; NEWis. Hyosil Angel’s Love Hospital, located in Jangseong Country in Jeolla Province, was charged for repeatedly holding patients by force, even after receiving a warning from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. This continual violation was brought into light by the… Continue Reading »


Even with International Appraisal: a Un-Fazed NCHRK

Elizabeth Na May 22, 2014

The following article is based on: Park Soyoung; 2014/05/13; “국제기구 등급 보류 판정 받고도… 안이한 인권위“; Korea Times. In a recent meeting to address the reevaluation verdict made by the ICC to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea that it might be demoted from the ‘A’ class of human rights organizations, the Commission had not seriously acknowledged issues that were… Continue Reading »


Is It Medical Treatment or Sexual Harassment? Focus on Doctor’s Explanation

Elizabeth Na May 19, 2014

Recently the National Human Rights Commission of Korea made guidelines to prevent sexual harassment in medical treatment rooms, predictably creating some controversy. Sexual harassment usually involves using a higher status or using an occupational role to cause sexual embarrassment, but because sexual harassment can be highly subjective, it is hard to stick to one single definition. In the medical… Continue Reading »


Disaster Media Coverage and Greater Individual Publicity Rights

Elizabeth Na May 16, 2014

The press’s response to the Sewol Sinking was to release innumerable amounts of media content of the people involved. In the breaking news coverage of the rescue, close-ups of the victims’ family members were focused on most of all. It was only many days after the accident that family members’ faces were blurred out by on-site reporters, and it… Continue Reading »


Under the Sewol Sinking: The Dispute of Benefits for Part-Timers, Even In Death

Elizabeth Na May 8, 2014

In the city of Incheon the funerals of two teenage victims of the Sewol Sinking were left unsupported, and currently the financial coverage of their funerals is unfortunately under dispute. These two teenagers were part-time employees and were only 18 and 17, were working for Chunghaejin Delivery company at the time of the disaster. Chunghaejin has disclosed that it is… Continue Reading »


Election Corruption Whitsleblower is Appointed Head of an Infractions Reporting Center

Elizabeth Na April 25, 2014

“I want to make a society where there is no need for internal whistleblowing.” This is what Lee JiMoon stated in an interview, who was responsible for the exposure of the controversy in a 1992 election where misuse of the absentee votes from drafted soldiers occurred, along with other whistleblowers monitoring the government, founded the Korea Public Reporting Center recently which… Continue Reading »


Ritual Abuse of Disabled Patients, Embezzlement of Grants at Home for Disabled Children

Elizabeth Na March 19, 2014

A man steps on the pelvis of a student. What comes next shows an adult being hit by a metal stick. These are the scenes of abuse in pictures the National Commission of Human Rights of Korea was able to acquire from a group home for mentally disabled children in DoBong District of Seoul. The mistreatment of… Continue Reading »

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