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Only armed training soldiers play a role in securing peace?

Dahee Kim January 28, 2015

Last October, Kim, a 36-year-old man working at a public corporation, submitted a complaint against his employer to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea due to their policy of determining salary grades based on the type of military service each employee completed. Kim said the company where he works gave 24 points to people who… Continue Reading »


April Comfort Women Korea-Japan Negotiations, Possibly Last Hope of Resolving Comfort Women Issue

Elizabeth Na April 21, 2014

On April 16th, in order to discuss the controversial issue of the Korean women made “Comfort Women “during the Japanese Occupation, a meeting between the directors of the Korean and Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs was held. The Korean terms of negotiations were that the Japanese government should acknowledge their crimes, and make official apologies… Continue Reading »


Female Military Officer Commits Suicide after Repeated Sexual Harassment

Hong Ju You December 19, 2013

  A 28-year-old female captain, Captain A, burned coal briquettes inside her car and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her car was parked close to the military base where she worked. She left a note complaining about frequent sexual harassments from her senior, Major B. She was soon to get married with her fiancée. Captain… Continue Reading »


[Thoughts…]Conflicts between Men and Women Spark Animosity on the Internet

Yoo-Rim Lee August 7, 2013

For a long time, Korea, as a society, struggled between the culture of patriarchal society and gender equality. The feud over the internet between men and women recently has become more intensified as the struggle continued. Some of the twitters and posts suggest that there is further segregation between men and women rather than establishing… Continue Reading »


U.S. Soldiers Convicted of Illegal Arrests Leave Korea

Hong Ju You March 16, 2013

Five of the seven U.S. soldiers who were investigated by Korean prosecutors for illegally arresting Korean civilians have left Korea. According to Pyeong-Taek (Southwestern province of South Korea) Police and the Su-Won Prosecutor office’s Pyeong-Take branch, five U.S. Military Police soldiers who were under investigation for illegally arresting Korean civilians last July left Korea. Their… Continue Reading »


Suicide of Gay Soldier Brings to Surface Military’s Indifference to Sexual Minorities

Soo Yon Suh January 18, 2013

On the 16th, it was reported that a gay soldier in the Korean military committed suicide. It was revealed that Soldier Lee (alias) was struggling with his sexual identity and reached out multiple times to the Ministry of Defense and to his superiors but no appropriate assistance was provided. Males in South Korea must complete a 21~24… Continue Reading »

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