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Eight out of ten Korean teens uninformed about labour rights

Dahee Kim May 20, 2015

“The minimum wage of South Korea is 5,580 won!” That is what a member of the K-pop group Girls Day, Hye-ri, said in an advertisement on an online part-time job site. After releasing the commercial, many people said they learned about the legal minimum wage and overtime pay through the commercial, and Hye-ri got the nickname “Marxdol”… Continue Reading »


Unclear mass layoffs law leads to ongoing Ssangyong protests

Dahee Kim January 19, 2015

Two laid-off workers from Ssangyong Motors, Kim Jeong-wook and Lee Chang-geun, have been protesting from atop a 70-meter chimney at the Ssangyong Motors’ factory in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province since last Dec. 13. They climbed the chimney to demand full reinstatement and amendments of legal conditions for layoff after the Supreme Court ruled that Ssangyong’s massive… Continue Reading »


Jeon Tae-il Bridge

Youbin Kang January 11, 2015

Located among busy tourist hubs of Dongdaemun market and the recently built Cheonggae-cheon, Pyounghwa Market stands its ground. Although comparatively more run-down than its younger counterparts, Pyounghwa Market embodies an important part of contemporary Korean history that is too often forgotten. The market houses many wholesale shops. The building is comprised of three floors, taking up… Continue Reading »


Disposable Workers of Hyper-Capitalist Korea

Se-Woong Koo December 8, 2014

A call-center manager beats her subordinates with an umbrella at an office in Jongno, Seoul. She slaps them in the face over and over. She pushes them around till they cry. All for not selling enough magazine subscriptions. As a contributor to the publication of the International Trade Union Confederation, I have become numb to… Continue Reading »


The Seoul Metro’s Removal of Expertise to Conduct Saftey Policies After Accident

Elizabeth Na May 27, 2014

The following article is based on: Kim ChangRyul; May 08 2014; “사무직에 기술 총괄 맡기고 전기 전문가는 영업팀 보내“; Chosun Times Seoul Metro, the administration body that runs the Metro Line 2 are starting to repair and create reforms after the Subway crash in SangWangshimni Station. But it looks as if the institutional problems impact reach the policies for reform as… Continue Reading »


Korean Job Applications: Forms of discrimination on appearance, background and bodyweight

Sooyoung Oh May 20, 2014

Korean Job Applications: Forms of discrimination on appearance, background and body weight Your name, contact information, past work experiences and qualifications are usually the categories included in your resume. Within Korea’s fiercely competitive job market, candidates must compete not only with their qualifications or merits but also their weight, beauty and their parents’ occupation. According… Continue Reading »

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