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Ritual Abuse of Disabled Patients, Embezzlement of Grants at Home for Disabled Children

Elizabeth Na March 19, 2014

A man steps on the pelvis of a student. What comes next shows an adult being hit by a metal stick. These are the scenes of abuse in pictures the National Commission of Human Rights of Korea was able to acquire from a group home for mentally disabled children in DoBong District of Seoul. The mistreatment of… Continue Reading »


1 in 10 children live in inadequate housing

Daniel Corks September 2, 2013

According to a recently released report , 1,290,000 children, or approximately 1 in 10, live in inadequate housing.  The report was produced by ChildFund Korea (초록우산 어린이재단), using data from the 2010 national census, wherein ‘child’ is defined as those under 20 years old. The Housing Act (주택법) stipulates the minimum requirements of residential buildings… Continue Reading »


Two Doors (2011): Yongsan Tragedy Revisited

Ji-Su Park July 10, 2012

Two Doors, an independent documentary on the Yongsan Tragedy of January 2009 (read the HRM’s previous article on Yongsan Tragedy), made a huge hit in the theaters. Given the fact that it is an independent film, the film’s success is phenomenal: more than 16,000 people saw the film even though only 16 theaters nationwide are showing… Continue Reading »

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