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NHRCK: Rejecting Applicants based on Family Member’s Mental Condition is Discrimination

Sooyoung Oh September 9, 2014

On September 2nd, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea ruled that eliminating candidates from job applications due to mental conditions of family members is a discriminatory act. A, a high school student applying to the Aviation department at a university, passed the document evaluation process but failed the physical examination because of his mother’s… Continue Reading »


Poor Safety Regulations Revealed in Geriatric Care System

Elizabeth Na June 30, 2014

The following article is based on: Health Josei Ilbo; Jun 11 2014; “장성요양병원화재참사…노인요양시설안전불감증심각“ On the 28th of May, there was a large fire in Hyosil Long Term Care Hospital in Jangsung City, as was previously reported on HRM. The fire took 20 patients’ lives and the life of a hospital worker. Experts and civic society representatives have concluded after an… Continue Reading »


Hospital Guilty of Holding Patients Hostage, Even after a Warning from the Human Rights Commission

Elizabeth Na June 10, 2014

The following article is based on: Bae DongMin; Jun 02 2014; “인권위 권고받고 또다시 ‘강제입원’ 논란“; NEWis. Hyosil Angel’s Love Hospital, located in Jangseong Country in Jeolla Province, was charged for repeatedly holding patients by force, even after receiving a warning from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. This continual violation was brought into light by the… Continue Reading »


Is It Medical Treatment or Sexual Harassment? Focus on Doctor’s Explanation

Elizabeth Na May 19, 2014

Recently the National Human Rights Commission of Korea made guidelines to prevent sexual harassment in medical treatment rooms, predictably creating some controversy. Sexual harassment usually involves using a higher status or using an occupational role to cause sexual embarrassment, but because sexual harassment can be highly subjective, it is hard to stick to one single definition. In the medical… Continue Reading »

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