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Police Prohibitions to Memorial of Sewol Sinking Challenged

Elizabeth Na May 1, 2014

With the terrible sinking of the ferry recently, there has been a memorial event held for the deceased and still missing people, called the “Silent March”, that has been attracting disapproval by the local police. The commemoration was started on the 20th in the large DongHwa Shopping Store in Jongro by the Seoul Progressive Alliance, and other civic… Continue Reading »


Election Corruption Whitsleblower is Appointed Head of an Infractions Reporting Center

Elizabeth Na April 25, 2014

“I want to make a society where there is no need for internal whistleblowing.” This is what Lee JiMoon stated in an interview, who was responsible for the exposure of the controversy in a 1992 election where misuse of the absentee votes from drafted soldiers occurred, along with other whistleblowers monitoring the government, founded the Korea Public Reporting Center recently which… Continue Reading »


The UN warns Korea over violating the rights to express and protest

JiEun Lee January 24, 2014

Upon learning the cases of unfair dismissal of MBC and YTN union members as well as oppression of protesters of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction by the police, the UN warned the Korean government that it is abusing the rights to free expression and free assembly and free association as well as invading fundamental human rights. The report is scheduled… Continue Reading »


Court Allows Inclusion of Additional 1,210,000 Messages in the Case Against the NIS

Young Min Cha January 8, 2014

On Dec 28, the Seoul Central District Court’s ruling accepted an additional 1,210,000 online messages on blogs and Twitter as evidence for the suspicion of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). According to Korea’s Prosecutor’s office , NIS spread many of the messages which were intended to manipulate public opinion against candidate Moon Jae-in, President Park’s… Continue Reading »


Lee Seok Ki’s RO activities might result in the prohibition of the UPP

Young Min Cha December 4, 2013

“Act of party leadership is act of the entire party” Lee Seok Ki’s RO (Revolutionary Organization) activities might bring unfavorable conditions…… Korea Ministry of Justice has filed a request for the prohibition of the Unified Progressive Party (UPP), of which Lee Seok Ki is a member, with Korea Constitutional Court. The prohibition of a political… Continue Reading »

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