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Eight out of ten Korean teens uninformed about labour rights

Dahee Kim May 20, 2015

“The minimum wage of South Korea is 5,580 won!” That is what a member of the K-pop group Girls Day, Hye-ri, said in an advertisement on an online part-time job site. After releasing the commercial, many people said they learned about the legal minimum wage and overtime pay through the commercial, and Hye-ri got the nickname “Marxdol”… Continue Reading »


Fingerprint Collection for Monitoring Student Attendance

Elizabeth Na June 27, 2014

The following article is based on: Kim JiWon; June 11 2014; ““출결관리 쉽도록” 고교생 지문 수집 논란“; Kyunghyang Shinmun. A high school in Seoul has introduced a fingerprint reading system to more easily manage the attendance of students. The agreement form for this new system was only gave students’ families 12 days to complete the form and return it, and it did not… Continue Reading »


A World of Difference Depending on the University President: Punishment for Professors Guilty of Sexually Violating Students

Elizabeth Na March 17, 2014

Recently the two headlining sexual molestation cases of female students by university professors from separate universities, that are both major representatives of the same Choongnam region, are turning out to be starkly related. From these two cases, one can derive that the president of a university, who symbolizes the authority and duty of the university, plays a… Continue Reading »


Ministry of Education Makes Admission Changes

Aileen Seo January 21, 2014

The Korean Ministry of Education announced that all foreign language, international, and independent high schools will implement policies prohibiting students from disclosing Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores or honors earned from  competitions in personal statements. These policies will take effect in 2015. The Ministry has instructed schools to assign a score… Continue Reading »


Equal Opportunity Employer: Corporations Prohibited from Discriminating based on Academic Backgrounds

Sooyoung Oh January 13, 2014

Beginning from the first season of the biannual recruitment next year, corporations in Korea will be prohibited from discriminating potential employees based on their academic backgrounds. The Environment & Labor Committee of the National Assembly of Korea submitted the revised Framework Act on Employment Policy passed on the 17th of this month. Kim Sungtae, a… Continue Reading »


“White Only” Trend When Hiring English Instructors Still Prevalent

Daniel Corks January 7, 2014

As anyone with experience working as a foreign English instructor in Korea knows, nationality-, age-, gender- and racially-based discrimination in hiring practices of hagwons (private after-school tutoring centres) or even public schools is not hard to find. The surprising characteristic is that it is often very open, to the point where job postings on message… Continue Reading »

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