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Human Rights Abuse Cases Declining, Discrimination Increasing

Ekaterina Mozhaeva January 25, 2014

Last year the number of petitions received by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea exceeded 10,000 for the first time since its establishment in 2001, major Korean news outlets reported. On January 13th, the Human rights commission announced that it received over 10,047 petitions in 2013, with human rights violations and discrimination cases making up the majority… Continue Reading »


Wage Discrimination on the Sea: Foreign Fishery Crew Paid Significantly Less

Kelly Jung January 19, 2014

Despite the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) recommendation to increase the minimum wage of foreign maritime crew members, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries instead has removed it entirely. Sources predict that the absence of wage requirement will further endorse discrimination towards the foreign crew members. For the past few years, the number… Continue Reading »


Equal Opportunity Employer: Corporations Prohibited from Discriminating based on Academic Backgrounds

Sooyoung Oh January 13, 2014

Beginning from the first season of the biannual recruitment next year, corporations in Korea will be prohibited from discriminating potential employees based on their academic backgrounds. The Environment & Labor Committee of the National Assembly of Korea submitted the revised Framework Act on Employment Policy passed on the 17th of this month. Kim Sungtae, a… Continue Reading »


“White Only” Trend When Hiring English Instructors Still Prevalent

Daniel Corks January 7, 2014

As anyone with experience working as a foreign English instructor in Korea knows, nationality-, age-, gender- and racially-based discrimination in hiring practices of hagwons (private after-school tutoring centres) or even public schools is not hard to find. The surprising characteristic is that it is often very open, to the point where job postings on message… Continue Reading »


Female Military Officer Commits Suicide after Repeated Sexual Harassment

Hong Ju You December 19, 2013

  A 28-year-old female captain, Captain A, burned coal briquettes inside her car and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her car was parked close to the military base where she worked. She left a note complaining about frequent sexual harassments from her senior, Major B. She was soon to get married with her fiancée. Captain… Continue Reading »

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