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NHRCK: Rejecting Applicants based on Family Member’s Mental Condition is Discrimination

Sooyoung Oh September 9, 2014

On September 2nd, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea ruled that eliminating candidates from job applications due to mental conditions of family members is a discriminatory act. A, a high school student applying to the Aviation department at a university, passed the document evaluation process but failed the physical examination because of his mother’s… Continue Reading »


Xenophobic Remarks in TV Broadcasts; NHRCK Issues Recommendations

Julie Min July 14, 2014

The National Human Rights Committee of Korea has issued recommendations to broadcasters regarding the use of expressions that are discriminatory toward foreigners, including migrants, and to come up with measures to prevent their use. This recommendation is based on the result of television broadcast monitoring conducted by the NHRCK from May to September of last… Continue Reading »


Another LGBT Festival Faces Opposition In Daegu

Elizabeth Na July 7, 2014

The following article is based on: Lee HoJoon; Jun 25 2014; “뜨거운 감자된 性 소수자 축제“; Maeil Shinmun; and was edited to reflect information from after the event. The Daegu LGBTQ Rights Festival was scheduled to be held on the 28th of June at 2’28 Main Memorial Park, but an alliance of Protestant organizations attempted to prevent the festival from… Continue Reading »


Korean Job Applications: Forms of discrimination on appearance, background and bodyweight

Sooyoung Oh May 20, 2014

Korean Job Applications: Forms of discrimination on appearance, background and body weight Your name, contact information, past work experiences and qualifications are usually the categories included in your resume. Within Korea’s fiercely competitive job market, candidates must compete not only with their qualifications or merits but also their weight, beauty and their parents’ occupation. According… Continue Reading »


Under the Sewol Sinking: The Dispute of Benefits for Part-Timers, Even In Death

Elizabeth Na May 8, 2014

In the city of Incheon the funerals of two teenage victims of the Sewol Sinking were left unsupported, and currently the financial coverage of their funerals is unfortunately under dispute. These two teenagers were part-time employees and were only 18 and 17, were working for Chunghaejin Delivery company at the time of the disaster. Chunghaejin has disclosed that it is… Continue Reading »

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