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November 14th Protest’s Human Rights Investigation

Sean Madsen December 4, 2015

On November 14, 2015, tens of thousands of Korean citizens protested labor reform laws that would introduce the wage peak system, relax conditions for employers to terminate employees, and reduce job security in all sectors. The protesters were blocked in their march to the Blue House by 700 police buses and a police force wielding steel… Continue Reading »


Court Orders Government Restitution for Victims of the Jeju Massacre

Elizabeth Na July 8, 2014

The following article is based on: Huh HoJoon; Jun 26 2014; “제주 예비검속 희생자 유족에 국가배상 판결“; Hankyoreh In consideration of the massacre that took place in Jeju, and the conflicts that occurred between citizens and the government from 1948 to 1949, the government has been ordered to pay restitution to families of victims that had filed litigation. The Gwangju High Court,… Continue Reading »


[CSO] Inside Look into Community Orgs: PSPD

Hye Ryoung Rhee June 4, 2014

On Thursday last week (May 29), HRM summer interns visited the office of People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) located near Gyeongbokgung Station in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The visit is part of our efforts to learn more about some of the major NGOs in Korea and to publicize their information online in English so as to… Continue Reading »


Disaster Media Coverage and Greater Individual Publicity Rights

Elizabeth Na May 16, 2014

The press’s response to the Sewol Sinking was to release innumerable amounts of media content of the people involved. In the breaking news coverage of the rescue, close-ups of the victims’ family members were focused on most of all. It was only many days after the accident that family members’ faces were blurred out by on-site reporters, and it… Continue Reading »


Police Prohibitions to Memorial of Sewol Sinking Challenged

Elizabeth Na May 1, 2014

With the terrible sinking of the ferry recently, there has been a memorial event held for the deceased and still missing people, called the “Silent March”, that has been attracting disapproval by the local police. The commemoration was started on the 20th in the large DongHwa Shopping Store in Jongro by the Seoul Progressive Alliance, and other civic… Continue Reading »


Election Corruption Whitsleblower is Appointed Head of an Infractions Reporting Center

Elizabeth Na April 25, 2014

“I want to make a society where there is no need for internal whistleblowing.” This is what Lee JiMoon stated in an interview, who was responsible for the exposure of the controversy in a 1992 election where misuse of the absentee votes from drafted soldiers occurred, along with other whistleblowers monitoring the government, founded the Korea Public Reporting Center recently which… Continue Reading »


Stopping Use of S. Korean Tear Gas in Bahrain

Ekaterina Mozhaeva April 11, 2014

Co-written with Elizabeth Na On March 20th activists from the civic group Bahrain Watch, in cooperation with Korean civic groups, held a seminar called “Tear Gas in Bahrain and Arab Spring” as part of their week long effort to educate the Korean government and public about their continued campaign to permanently block the sale and… Continue Reading »

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