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November 14th Protest’s Human Rights Investigation

Sean Madsen December 4, 2015

On November 14, 2015, tens of thousands of Korean citizens protested labor reform laws that would introduce the wage peak system, relax conditions for employers to terminate employees, and reduce job security in all sectors. The protesters were blocked in their march to the Blue House by 700 police buses and a police force wielding steel… Continue Reading »


NHRCK Releases its NAP plan to Ensure Human Rights in the Workplace

Sean Madsen December 1, 2015

On the 2nd of November, NHRCK announced that they would endorse the layout of a system regarding human rights management to the government to stop human rights violations in corporations. This policy’s source isn’t simply from the NHRCK but rather the initiative came from the UN. Such a policy would bring about many changes in the… Continue Reading »


Only armed training soldiers play a role in securing peace?

Dahee Kim January 28, 2015

Last October, Kim, a 36-year-old man working at a public corporation, submitted a complaint against his employer to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea due to their policy of determining salary grades based on the type of military service each employee completed. Kim said the company where he works gave 24 points to people who… Continue Reading »


Jeon Tae-il Bridge

Youbin Kang January 11, 2015

Located among busy tourist hubs of Dongdaemun market and the recently built Cheonggae-cheon, Pyounghwa Market stands its ground. Although comparatively more run-down than its younger counterparts, Pyounghwa Market embodies an important part of contemporary Korean history that is too often forgotten. The market houses many wholesale shops. The building is comprised of three floors, taking up… Continue Reading »


The Seoul Metro’s Removal of Expertise to Conduct Saftey Policies After Accident

Elizabeth Na May 27, 2014

The following article is based on: Kim ChangRyul; May 08 2014; “사무직에 기술 총괄 맡기고 전기 전문가는 영업팀 보내“; Chosun Times Seoul Metro, the administration body that runs the Metro Line 2 are starting to repair and create reforms after the Subway crash in SangWangshimni Station. But it looks as if the institutional problems impact reach the policies for reform as… Continue Reading »


Under the Sewol Sinking: The Dispute of Benefits for Part-Timers, Even In Death

Elizabeth Na May 8, 2014

In the city of Incheon the funerals of two teenage victims of the Sewol Sinking were left unsupported, and currently the financial coverage of their funerals is unfortunately under dispute. These two teenagers were part-time employees and were only 18 and 17, were working for Chunghaejin Delivery company at the time of the disaster. Chunghaejin has disclosed that it is… Continue Reading »


Harassment in the Workplace, Mental Health Rights Infringement at Critical Level

Ekaterina Mozhaeva May 7, 2014

[1]The following article is in part a translation of: Yeo-ran Kim ; 2014/02/11; “직장 내 괴롭힘, 정신건강권 침해 위험수위”; Kyunghyang Shinmun . Supplementary research cited below. Last year at a medium size business in Seoul, new recruit Mr. G (28 years old) was forced to “stand at attention”* while out drinking with coworkers because “the newcomer did not… Continue Reading »


Korea’s major convenience store, coffee shop and fast food franchises violate labor laws for under-aged workers

Sooyoung Oh April 7, 2014

Those staying in Korea often remark on the myriad of convenience stores as one of the examples of Korea’s accessible and well developed infrastructure. G25, CU, Ministop and Seven Eleven are the four major convenience store franchises that can be found in almost every street of Korea’s metropolitan cities. However, hidden behind the bright coloured… Continue Reading »

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