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Cheonan’s Concern for Temporary Worker Youth Rights

May Cho July 25, 2012

Each year, when summer comes and schools close for the holidays, many students take the opportunity to  seek out part-time jobs. But oftentimes, things do not go as planned and they end up working under unfair job conditions. But this summer,  the Chungnam Temporary Workers Support Center  (CTWSC) has decided to actively start promoting and… Continue Reading »


LGBT Groups Oppose Reappointment of NHRCK Byung-chul Hyun

May Cho July 19, 2012

LGBT groups gathered on  the 15th to protest the reappointment of National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) chief commissioner Byung-chul Hyun. The ‘Preparatory Committee for A Gay Voters’ Party’ announced in a statement ” Recently, the NHRCK refused to further investigate the incident where an inside LGBT community forum was forcefully deleted by the… Continue Reading »


Discrimination Against Multicultural Families, Bi-Ethnic Children and Foreign Immigrant Workers

May Cho July 19, 2012

With a Bangladeshi mother and a Korean father, ten year old Kim does not have many friends here in Korea. At school, he hangs out with another kid whose mother is Vietnamese and father is Korean.  But these days, Kim says he doesn’t want to go to school either. It’s because he realizes that people… Continue Reading »


Urgent Need for Proper Representation of Mentally Disabled During Police Interrogation

May Cho July 6, 2012

Recently, there has been criticism relating to controversial police interrogation techniques of the mentally disabled, labeling it as being a violation of human rights. As more and more news on discriminatory police interrogation techniques against the mentally disabled people emerge, there is a cry for the need of protection of their rights. In April, the Incheon… Continue Reading »


NHRCK Concerned Over Lack of Senior Caregivers’ Labor Conditions

May Cho July 2, 2012

The National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea (NHRCK) announced yesterday that there is a need for policy improvements at the Ministry of Health and Welfare regarding the labor conditions of senior caregivers’. Senior caregivers have been implemented since the Long Term Care Insurance Program was implemented in July 2008. Caregivers assist in… Continue Reading »

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