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Woman Taking Her Son to Vietnam is not Kidnapping under Criminal Law

Ji Hyun Park July 2, 2013

On June 20, the Supreme Court has decided that a Vietnamese mother, age 26, who took her son to Vietnam without her husband’s consent cannot be accused of parental kidnapping. Ministry of Justice explained that “the law provides kidnapping as taking away of a person against that person’s will, to hold the person in false confinement without… Continue Reading »


Illegal Immigrant Children Should Be Entitled to Education

Ji Hyun Park April 10, 2013

A 16-year-old child of an illegal immigrant from Nigeria was denied admission to high school. Her middle school teacher said that “she cannot apply for admission to a high school, because she doesn’t have a foreign registration number,” so she asked the Gong Gam Human Rights Law Foundation (Gong Gam) for help. The Gong Gam… Continue Reading »


“Possibly Pregnant? No Room to Work Here” High School Refuses Hire

Ji Hyun Park April 10, 2013

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea judged that a school’s refusal to hire an applicant due to possible pregnancy was an act of discrimination. A 32-year-old woman applied for a teaching position in B high school. Since the applicant had a good record she expected to be hired without incident. However, the school refused… Continue Reading »


Gwangju City Runs a Web Portal for Human Rights

Ji Hyun Park March 11, 2013

Starting March 11 Gwangju City opened a web portal for human rights (Democracy and Human Rights Portal – It combined two existing websites the Cyber Human Rights Center of Gwangju Buk-gu, and the World Human Rights Cities Forum, in order to enhance web accessibility and provide extensive information about human rights. The portal promotes… Continue Reading »

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