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Relationship Between NIS and 2012 Korean Presidential Election Remains Unsolved

Eunjung Cha February 26, 2013

A week before the Korean 2012 presidential election, the Democratic United Party made public its doubts on the National Intelligence Service’s (NIS) suspicious actions. That is, according to the party, a female employee from NIS – Ms. Kim (29), posted notes criticizing Democratic Party presidential nominee Moon Jae-in. They also mentioned the possibility of reporting… Continue Reading »


“Big data”Used for Invasion of Privacy

Eunjung Cha February 21, 2013

The era of “big data” has arrived. Big data refers to the huge amounts of data which are thrown away because the computer cannot analyze them in its current capacity. A major example is a the large amounts of messages from the use of SNS (Social Network Service) such as “Twitter” and “Facebook”. Since a… Continue Reading »


Revenge Crimes on the Rise

Eunjung Cha January 11, 2013

Last month in Daejeon, located Southeast of Seoul, Ms. Choi, a 38-year-old woman with physical disabilities, was killed by Mr. Sung, a 61-year-old man. Mr. Sung targeted Ms. Choi immediately after his release from prison. Several years back in court, Ms. Choi  stated on the witness stand that Mr. Sung committed violence towards people with… Continue Reading »


Migrant Workers’ Plight in Working in Korea

Eunjung Cha December 12, 2012

Labor relations committee of Lawyers for a Democratic Society (or known in Korea as Minbyun), Labor Consultant Meeting for the Realization of Labor Rights, and Migrant Workers’ Union submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK). According to these three human rights labor organizations, a policy on the  migrant workers has… Continue Reading »


Play Culture and Care Services For Children

Eunjung Cha December 7, 2012

Nowadays daily routine of children in South Korea is quite similar to one another: school, hagwon, or private academy, and home, and repeat. Even as children, they lead as busy and repetitive of lives as any adults. Furthermore, there is a crucial lack of play culture in their daily lives. In addition, child care services… Continue Reading »


Strict Dress Code of Female Employees

Eunjung Cha November 19, 2012

No glasses, wearing skirts only, regulating hairstyles, earring size and skirt length-these are dress codes of female flight attendants implemented by Asiana airline, which is South Korea’s domestic and international airline. Recently, this topic was posed as a controversial issue which is up for debate. That is, Asiana Airlines branch of Korean Transport Workers’ Union… Continue Reading »

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