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Weekly Digest: March 24 – March 30

Madeleine O'Neill March 31, 2016

This week, recent incidents of demeaning treatment of employees led to discussion of workers’ rights. In addition, the government began to consider programs to prevent future child abuse, and the national intelligence agency was confronted over surveillance of citizens, journalists, and politicians.

Korean English Language Media Coverage

March 24 Korea JoongAng Daily Loan sharks coerced women into prostitution
March 24 Korea JoongAng Daily Shoddy vests leave troops hung out to dry
March 24 The Hankyoreh Court rules Blue House can keep some Sewol details secret
March 25 The Korea Times Poor elderly going bankrupt
March 25 The Korea Times KTU’s material banned at schools
March 25 The Korea Times Free driving lessons for foreign wives
March 26 Korea JoongAng Daily Dubious deaths don’t get scrutiny in Korea
March 27 The Korea Herald Korea readies for election with advanced balloting system
March 28 Yonhap News Agency Restriction on anti-NK leaflet launch lawful: top court
March 28 The Hankyoreh Lawyers group constitutional complaint over comfort women agreement
March 28 The Korea Herald Makgeolli baptism — only in Korea: South Korean university criticized
for freshman hazing
March 28 The Chosun Ilbo Elderly earn pittance for working long hours
March 29 The Kyunghyang Shinmun The gap between the rich and poor widens even when it comes to voter
March 29 The Korea Times Criminal rings lure Korean-Chinese teenagers
March 30 The Korea Herald Korea’s justice system fails foreign victims of rape
March 30 The Korea Times Online violence spills into real world

Children & Parenting

March 24 Korea JoongAng Daily Public nannies in short supply
March 26 The Hankyoreh Single-parents earn less than half the national average
March 26 The Hankyoreh South Korea’s unseen children suffer with parents behind bars
March 26 The Hankyoreh Children of convicts suffer in government blind spot
March 26 Korea JoongAng Daily [Editorial] Protecting the victims (of school violence)
March 27 The Korea Times Divorce won’t be allowed without parental education
March 28 The Korea Times Absence of homeschooling rules leaves abusive parents free
from supervision
March 29 The Korea Times Government pushes for lifelong parental education

Labor Issues & Economic Policy

March 25 The Chosun Ilbo All pregnant workers entitled to shorter work hours
March 25 The Korea Times Part-time theater workers’ lot not a pretty picture
March 26 The Hankyoreh With Kakao Talk labor, the work day never ends
March 28 Yonhap News Agency Gov’t to beef up corporate supervision over demeaning treatment
of employees
March 28 Yonhap News Agency Gov’t, companies vow to pursue merit-based recruitment
March 30 The Korea Herald Koreans seek ‘right to disconnect’
March 30 The Korea Herald [Editorial] Job inheritance

NIS Surveillance

March 24 The Korea Times ‘NIS spied on lawmakers’
March 29 The Hankyoreh [Editorial] The NIS isn’t investigating, but collecting data
from mass surveillance
March 30 The Hankyoreh Civic group filing lawsuit against NIS over data collection

Public Health

March 24 The Korea Herald South Korea steps up fight against TB
March 28 The Korea Herald Spouses’ employment status affects South Korean women’s
mental health
March 30 The Korea Herald Poor understanding of HIV-AIDS still prevalent
March 30 The Korea Herald Koreans becoming more prone to rage
March 30 The Korea Times Late-night hospitals in jeopardy due to doctors’ backlash

International Media Coverage

March 29 BBC News South Korea plans lifelong parenting education
March 29 NK News S.Korean opposition party proposes NIS reforms
March 30 Myanmar Times S Korean factories slammed for labour violations: report

International NGO Reports

March 25 Action Labor Rights Under Pressure: A Study of Labour Conditions in Garment Factories
in Myanmar which are wholly Korean owned or in a Joint Venture with
Korean Companies


Every week South Korean Human Rights Monitor publishes a digest of articles and reports on important human rights issues related to Korea from domestic and international media, rights organizations and government agencies. Through this publication we hope to share other perspectives on issues that HRM covers and also to share information about issues that HRM may not have been able to cover. Please note that we do not have official ties or affiliations with any of the organizations below, nor do we necessarily endorse the views contained within these articles and reports.

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