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Weekly Digest: March 17 – March 23

Madeleine O'Neill March 24, 2016

This week, the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination led to discussion of the status of immigrants and multiculturalism in Korea. Other important issues included higher education reform and the plight of working mothers.

Korean English Language Media Coverage

March 17 The Korea Herald School smoking test breaches students’ rights, watchdog says
March 17 The Korea Times Brutal way to ‘boost morale’ on campus still rampant
March 17 Korea JoongAng Daily Art pundits protest unfair working conditions
March 18 The Hankyoreh Study finds men suffer workplace sexual harassment as well
March 18 Korea JoongAng Daily Korea faces a lonely death crisis
March 19 The Hankyoreh [Reporter’s notebook] Two years later, the NIS’s fabricated spy
case and two upended lives
March 20 The Hankyoreh Temp agencies abuse the law while workers suffer
March 20 The Korea Herald Among separated family members, more dead than alive
March 21 The Korea Herald 7 in 10 women see marriage as burden to career: survey
March 22 The Hankyoreh A persistent decline in the number of stay-at-home mothers
March 22 The Korea Times Farmer’s family seeks gov’t compensation
March 23 Yonhap News Agency S. Korea beefs up counterterrorism measures

Children’s Welfare & Parenting

March 22 The Korea Herald Job insecurity, depression common among single parents
March 22 Korea JoongAng Daily Mothers struggle to care for kids
March 23 The Korea Herald Seoul to install more CCTV cameras in school zones
March 23 The Korea Herald Children to be allowed to demand cutting ties with abusive parents


March 17 The Hankyoreh To show their indigence, university students upload their tuition
March 17 The Hankyoreh At S. Korea’s top university, more and more students from a few
privileged backgrounds
March 21 The Hankyoreh For prestigious university admission, S. Korean students and
parents in a war for information
March 21 The Korea Times Top educators protest gov’t ‘suppression’
March 23 The Hankyoreh University students resisting artificial, government-directed

Immigrants’ Rights & Multiculturalism

March 17 The Korea Times Law students put twist on POSCO Daewoo-Myanmarese dispute
March 20 The Korea Times 90% of SMEs oppose foreign worker levy
March 20 The Korea Herald Asylum seekers trapped in long refugee process
March 20 The Korea Times Muslim-friendly policies to boost tourism face Christian backlash
March 21 The Korea Herald Migrants mark UN anti-racism day
March 21 The Korea Times Foreign workers fall victim to discriminatory rules
March 21 The Korea Herald Sharing experience, wisdom with female migrants

Public Health

March 22 The Chosun Ilbo Waits of up to 24 hours in big emergency rooms
March 22 The Korea Herald Police to run poll on drunken driving law
March 22 The Kyunghyang Shinmun Pollutants from Yongsan base neglected: Pollution in surrounding areas
increases 13-fold
March 23 Yonhap News Agency S. Korea to toughen monitoring on Zika virus

International Media Coverage

March 22 The Asahi Shimbun [Editorial] Politicians bully Korean school students for acts
of Pyongyang
 [in Japan]
March 23 BBC News South Korea police seek public input on drink-drive law


Every week South Korean Human Rights Monitor publishes a digest of articles and reports on important human rights issues related to Korea from domestic and international media, rights organizations and government agencies. Through this publication we hope to share other perspectives on issues that HRM covers and also to share information about issues that HRM may not have been able to cover. Please note that we do not have official ties or affiliations with any of the organizations below, nor do we necessarily endorse the views contained within these articles and reports.

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