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Weekly Digest: April 7 – April 13

Madeleine O'Neill April 14, 2016

This week, the nation’s attention was focused on the National Assembly election that took place on the 13th. Other issues included treatment of foreign workers, youth unemployment and minimum wage, and the controversial announcement of a North Korean group defection.

Korean English Language Media Coverage

April 7 The Korea Herald Abortion not violation of dignity: Seoul court
April 7 The Korea Herald Police apologizes amid criticism over open letter to rape victim
April 8 The Hankyoreh Supreme Court denies damages to victims of military dictatorship-era
illegal detention
April 8 The Korea Times Korean collegians’ trust of state hits bottom
April 11 The Hankyoreh Blue House ordered announcement of North Korean group defection
April 11 The Hankyoreh Announcement of group defection contrary to government’s own
April 11 Korea JoongAng Daily Lax security pervasive at government offices
April 11 The Korea Herald Online adult community members to be punished
April 11 The Korea Herald Fewer married Korean women choosing to stay at home
April 11 The Korea Herald Korean teens fight for rights to birth control, sex life
April 12 Korea JoongAng Daily New rules for preschoolers absent from class
April 12 The Korea Times Medical students moving for stronger ethical code
April 12 The Korea Times Expats to commemorate Sewol ferry sinking
April 13 Korea JoongAng Daily Conservative group paid anti-Sewol protestors
April 13 Yonhap News Agency For adoptees, DNA is game changer for finding roots

National Assembly Election

April 8 The Kyunghyang Shinmun [Editorial] Terrestrial broadcasting should erase the word “public” if they
air unfair election-related broadcasting
April 11 The Korea Herald Religion-affiliated parties want to ‘protect’ country from Islam,
April 13 The Korea Herald Voters go to polls with hopes of improved politics
April 13 The Korea Times No major disturbance at polling stations

Conscription & Military Life

April 8 The Korea Herald Military culture infuses throughout every part of society
April 8 The Korea Herald Military at crossroads on female soldiers
April 8 The Korea Herald Korea’s reluctant reservists
April 11 The Korea Times Draft dodgers may face heavier taxes

Immigrants & Multiculturalism

April 7 The Korea Herald Migrant workers call for end to government crackdown
April 10 The Korea Herald Number of asylum seekers on the rise
April 11 The Korea Times Multicultural children get Korean lessons
April 13 Korea JoongAng
Religious refugee may win asylum in Korea

Labor Issues & Economic Policy

April 7 The Korea Times Eight out of 10 workers think they are ‘working poor’
April 8 Korea JoongAng Daily Minimum wage talks focus on adjusted coverage
April 12 The Hankyoreh Seoul government to provide 500,000 won per month to young jobseekers
April 12 The Korea Times Providing severance pay to foreign workers after departure constitutional

Public Health

April 8 The Korea Times Mother fights for medical malpractice victims
April 11 The Hankyoreh Hospital patients waiting longer, paying for more expensive
April 12 The Korea Herald Premature births on rise in Korea

International Media Coverage

April 11 The New York Times Online Curbs Limit South Korea Pre-election Speech Freedoms


Every week South Korean Human Rights Monitor publishes a digest of articles and reports on important human rights issues related to Korea from domestic and international media, rights organizations and government agencies. Through this publication we hope to share other perspectives on issues that HRM covers and also to share information about issues that HRM may not have been able to cover. Please note that we do not have official ties or affiliations with any of the organizations below, nor do we necessarily endorse the views contained within these articles and reports.

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