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Weekly Digest: April 21 – April 27

Madeleine O'Neill April 28, 2016

This week, a scandal regarding support and funding for pro-government conservative rallies drew concern. The plight of multicultural families and immigrants, including North Korean defectors, gained attention as well.

Korean English Language Media Coverage

April 21 The Hankyoreh South Korea hits all-time low on press freedom ranking
April 22 Korea JoongAng Daily Crackdown on odd, vulgar videos
April 23 Korea JoongAng Daily [Editorial] LGBT group deserves answer
April 24 The Korea Times Habitual drunk drivers to forfeit cars
April 25 The Korea Herald Man detained for forcing bank tellers to smile
April 27 The Korea Herald Hard knock lives of Koreans born to U.S. soldiers

Conservative Rally Funding Scandal

April 21 The Hankyoreh Right-wing groups received funding for
pro-government demonstrations
April 26 The Hankyoreh NIS directed right-wing groups pro-government
propaganda activities


April 21 The Korea Herald [Editorial] Law school woes
April 25 The Korea Herald Education Ministry vows to cut class size
April 26 The Korea Herald Civic group campaigns against academic elitism

Immigrants & Multiculturalism

April 21 The Korea Times Rainbow center reaches out to migrant youths
April 24 The Korea Herald For young immigrants, life in Korea can be constant struggle
April 25 The Hankyoreh Poorest of the poor: defectors lured to demonstrations by
pocket money
April 26 The Hankyoreh [Column] How our society forces a fixed identity on North
Korean defectors
April 26 The Korea Times Multiracial families socially excluded
April 26 Korea JoongAng Daily Would-be refugees are trapped in the airport
April 27 The Korea Herald Training offered to migrant workers to avoid work accidents

Labor Issues & Economic Policy

April 22 The Chosun Ilbo Most working women would hire foreign help
April 24 Yonhap News Agency 1 in 6 younger people paid below minimum wage last year: report
April 26 The Kyunghyang Shinmun [Editorial] 635,000 worked for “passion wages”
April 28 Korea JoongAng Daily Jobs for youth, women are now gov’t priority

Public Health

April 25 The Hankyoreh Victims of humidifier disinfectant planning collective
class action suit
April 26 The Korea Times Parents giving children ‘smart brain’ injections
April 26 The Korea Times More young Korean males depressed

International Media Coverage

April 21 The Asahi Shimbun Billion-yen ‘comfort women’ foundation likely ready in May
April 25 Opposing Views South Korea allows chemical castration of sex offenders
April 27 The New York Times Rise in Nepali women trafficked to China, South Korea:
rights commission

International NGO Reports

April 20 Reporters Without Borders Press freedom ranking 2016


Every week South Korean Human Rights Monitor publishes a digest of articles and reports on important human rights issues related to Korea from domestic and international media, rights organizations and government agencies. Through this publication we hope to share other perspectives on issues that HRM covers and also to share information about issues that HRM may not have been able to cover. Please note that we do not have official ties or affiliations with any of the organizations below, nor do we necessarily endorse the views contained within these articles and reports.

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