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Daniel Corks November 1, 2016

Greetings to all of our faithful readers. As you have no doubt noticed, the HRM site has been in hibernation for the past 6 months. Behind the scenes, however, we have been busy looking for the best way to continue providing current and important human rights news to you, our readers, amid the ever changing media landscape.

When HRM began in 2010, human rights related news about South Korea published in English was scarce. Since then, however, publication of articles in English by the major Korean newspapers has expanded greatly, meaning it was no longer necessary for us to translate individual news pieces. This prompted the creation of our ‘Weekly Digest’ feature, which had been the focus of our efforts for the past two years. However, this also eventually encountered the problem of providing too many articles and not enough curation.

For our next step, HRM has partnered with Korea Exposé to combine our specialized knowledge of human rights with their journalistic experience and diverse audience. The HRM site and the articles we’ve published already will remain here, and all of our new content will be published on the KÉ site at

‘Weekly Digest’ has been reimagined as ‘Weekly Brief‘, and aims to be a concise summary of the most important news and insightful writing from previous the week, with links for further reading for those interested in learning more about a given topic. We will write and publish longer original content there as well about issues that are being ignored by the dominant media outlets.

For their part, the team at KÉ are no slouches and many of their articles relate to human rights and social issues, covering topics not being discussed elsewhere or by tackling familiar topics from a unique perspective. We look forward to adding our efforts to theirs and to the future of our ongoing collaboration.

Thank you for following us over these past six years, and please join us at our new home at Korea Exposé.

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Daniel worked as an HRM intern before becoming a research fellow at KHRF and taking on the role of editor on the HRM project. He is currently an assistant professor at Dongshin University. View all posts by Daniel Corks →

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