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Under the Sewol Sinking: The Dispute of Benefits for Part-Timers, Even In Death

Elizabeth Na May 8, 2014

In the city of Incheon the funerals of two teenage victims of the Sewol Sinking were left unsupported, and currently the financial coverage of their funerals is unfortunately under dispute. These two teenagers were part-time employees and were only 18 and 17, were working for Chunghaejin Delivery company at the time of the disaster.

Chunghaejin has disclosed that it is not willing to support the funeral costs of these two part-timers, which were being held at a funeral hall in Incheon.

After hearing about Chunghaejin’s refusal of coverage, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea is began an investigation if Chunghaejin’s policies are discriminating between taking the responsibility of lives between their full-time and part-time workers.

The city of Incheon has agree to go along with funeral proceedings for now, and will likely receive compensation from the government if not from the company.


Apr 30 2014;”죽음앞에서도 차별받는 비정규직“; KyungSang Times;


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