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Government Increases Number of Taxis for the Physically Disadvantaged

Sooyoung Oh May 5, 2013

Seoul City to Extend Number of Taxis for the Physically Disadvantaged


On April 10th, the City of Seoul announced its “Plan for Improvement of Call Taxis for Disabled People” which includes the input of 50 extra taxis for physically disadvantaged people, bringing up the total number of cabs to 410.

In 2012, the average usage approximated 2234 people a day, amounting to 810,769 cab calls throughout the year. However, there were complaints regarding the length of time it takes to get onto the vehicle which averaged at 30 minutes, and 60 minutes after 5pm.

Increasing the number of taxis available, the City aims to have the disabled passengers on board within 20 minutes and more taxi drivers will be hired in the second half of the year, in addition to the 50 drivers recruited earlier this year. A spokesman for the City of Seoul commented that “following the increase of drivers, the operation of call taxis is expected to be raised from 84% to 100% (in performance).”

In efforts to improve the quality of service, the city of Seoul will carry out satisfaction surveys and form a consultative body for the operation of call taxis for disabled people in order to discuss various issues such as the restrictions of usage and the taxi fare system.



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