South Korean Human Rights Monitor


Daejun Voices Unheard

Mark Kim May 5, 2013

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea has offices in many major cities outside of the Seoul municipality with one glaring omission, Daejun. In response to this obvious oversight 23 civil society groups have gathered to form a committee for the creation of a branch of the National Human Rights Committee in Deajun. Representing the cause are many prominent members of civil societies. These leaders propose to open civil discourse regarding the necessity of a local office. They also propose a debate to help spread awareness of the issues along with a press conference early the next month.


Basis for these contentions rise from the fact that populations of cities with offices are similar in size to Daejun. For instance, Kwangju is of comparable size. The lack of an office in Daejun causes issue when human rights violations occur. The offenses have to be taken to Seoul before any action can be taken, which gives rise to many human rights violation due to logistics issues. Without a local office these issues will continue to stack without timely relief. Therefore, in order to prevent and ensure the timely resolution of local human rights violations in the city of Deajun, there must be a division office of the National Human Rights Commission.



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