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Top 10 News about Human Rights in Korea 2011

Sodam Kim January 2, 2012

The joint meeting of 44 human rights group announced top 10 news related to human rights.

‘Bus with Hope’, which was a rally for the withdrawal of wrongful dismissal by Hanjin heavy industry, was selected as the biggest news. After the company decided to hire the dismissed workers, Kim Jin-Sook, the union head, ended her sit-in, which lasted for 309 days. The ‘Bus with Hope’ continued to be held for 5 times despite the police splashed the crowd with water canon in freezing weathers.

The second news was the sexual harassment toward disabled children, uncovered by the book ‘Dogani(meaning crucible)’ and a namesake movie.

The conviction against a college lecturer and a student for scribbling over G20 poster ranked the 3rd place. The graffiti which became a hot potato depicted a mouse carrying red-and blue lantern. The joint meeting said that the graffiti should have been protected under the freedom of expression.

The rally of cleaning people in Hongik University held the 4th place. The workers resisted against mass dismissal and tried to change their harsh working condition, while The fifth place was occupied by anti-FTA rally. Dooriban, a restaurant resisted to forced removal and unjust compensation was ranked as sixth. The government’s block against sex workers, trans-genders, and drug users on International congress on AIDS in Asia and the Parcific was ranked as seventh. Eighth was the Student Rights Ordinance in Seoul, Kyeong-nam and Gwang-ju. The death of dismissed workers and their families from Ssang-Yong ranked 9th. The 10th was the resistance against forced marine base construction in Gang-jeong District.

Translated from ‘희망버스, 2011 인권 뉴스 1위’

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