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Male Students Denied from Nursing School

Sun Hee November 2, 2012

Nursing Schools’ denial of male students is gender discrimination. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea warned A university that not allowing male students to enter their nursing school is a violation of equal rights. Also the commission required to revise the current application for prospective students.  According to the Commission a high school graduate surnamed Joo applied for the nursing course in college. However, the school rejected his application because they do not educate men in this course. This seems obviously violating the equal rights that should be given regardless of gender. The school said courses in nursing major contains body, breast massage and enema that the school does not have educational facilities to handle both male and female students in the same room.

Meanwhile, in OB-GYN clinics many female patients reject male nurses while delivering babies. Also in children nursing courses some clinics do not accept male students. Despite the demands in the hospitals for nurses, males are not welcomed in this field compared to females. In that sense, the school argues that it is not a violation.  However, the commission concluded that the school did violate equal rights. According to the research by National Human Rights Commission of Korea, among college graduates from nursing major, only 7.5% around 959 are male. As of 2012 schools only 7 schools out of 88 accept male student.


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